Vocational training in the rural sector under Leonardo Da Vinci program

The Developmental Center of Thessaly, trying to provide support for professionals of every field through its programs, has implemented a Vocational Training program involving 30 farmers, agriculturists and entrepreneurs of the agricultural sector in the region of Thessaly who deal with or intend to deal with medic and organic farming.

The mobility project took place in Spain from 2/3/2014 to 15/3/2014 and the host partner was the institute of educational servicesCE.ME.D.I (Mediterranean Centre of Development and Innovation)which is located in Barcelona and has a great influence all over Spain. The mobility was held not only in Barcelona but also in Zaragoza. Both areas were chosen for the entire range of cultivations that are found there to be covered.

The project has helped the participants to:

  • acquire a specialized knowledge, relevant expertise and experience in medic and organic cultivation management
  • know the international standard certifications for their crops
  • contact with great agricultural companies of the area and watch the whole procedure from sowing to distribution of the final product
  • get in touch with Spanish producers and suppliers and with representatives of historical agricultural associations
  • establish future cooperation networks and communication channels with their counterparts in Spain.

During the cultural activities, the participants had the opportunity to experience the spanish culture and visit attractions and landmarks of Barcelona and Zaragoza.

Undoubtedly, all the activities helped them to expand their intellectual and professional horizons, develop their personality further, respect diversity and empower the European citizenship concept.