Our main objectives are improvement of the quality of life, the use of endogenous resources and potential for the local, rural environmental development  and human development, so we can proceed to what is called sustainable development, which is the initial part of this pioneering initiative in the environment of the Mediterranean area.

One of the key priorities of the organization is to contribute to the development - national and international. Following this priority, we introducing new ideas to the application of methodology achieved, the partnership establishes conditions for the development elements in order to contribute to the social and economic support of the society using all the necessary means that are available. Specifically our development priorities include:

  • Human development. Achievement of capabilities that enable institutions and individuals to be protagonists of their welfare.
  • Social development. Improved quality of life and wellbeing of populations.
  • Rural Development. Human and economic development in rural areas.
  • Local development. Harnessing endogenous resources and potential of a community
  • Economic development. Development of economic wealth of countries or regions for the welfare of its inhabitants.
  • Sustainable development. Capacity building for the most vulnerable populations of the society enabling them opportunities for economical and not only growth