About us

The Mediterranean Centre of Development and Innovation - CE.ME.D.I. is a private, non-profit organization, active in a wide range of fields supporting the initiation, the innovation and the entrepreneurship.

CEMEDI is intended through innovative approaches and activities to provide opportunities for professional development.
Cemedi, also, is intended the cooperation with organizations from other countries in order to integrate good practices, new methods, new or improved processes of recognition and validation of professional competences.

During the last years CEMEDI has collaborated in many regional and multi-regional projects relevant to sustainable development, in sectors like:

Agriculture · Environment · Alternative Energy sources · Rural tourism · Sociocultural evolution and immigration · Human development · Unemployment · Economic development of critical regions and under-development countries · Youth initiatives and actions · Social work · Public health

All the planning and the applied activities follow the perspective of humanitarian cooperation and international development, involving sectors such as vocational training, transfer of innovation, economic development, environmental protection, entrepreneurship and overall social-economic growth.

Our organization is located in Barcelona, Spain and collaborates with public administration entities, associations, cooperatives, private organizations, scientific institutions, universities and individuals. Also is a member of the General Register Service of Organizations of the Federal State of Catalonia.

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